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The foundation of college was laid under the guidance of Shri Narayan Dutt Tiwari, Govt. of India on April 20, 1986 during the reign of Late Chief Minister Shri Veer Bahadur Singh when 155 acres of land was allotted for college by the UP Govt. Academic session in B.E. was started with 2 branches CSE and ECE in year 1991 with a well planned educational programme,similar to the one followed at IITs and RECs / NITs of the country for the development of technology & engineering education facilities in the Kumaon Region.. Seeing the availability, capability and usefulness of land, college prepared a master plan and project report regarding development of college in different fields in the year 1996, which was approved by administrative council. Now, it has entered in its second phase with the addition of two Graduate engineering programmes i.e., Mechanical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering and one Post Graduate programm i.e., Masters of Computer Applications. Besides this, several other infrastructural facilities for faculty and students, such as hostels, staff residential campus, departmental buildings, students’ activity club and a multipurpose hall have been developed. Under the Technical Education Quality Improvement Programm (TEQIP) we have been allotted Rs 4.19 Crore through the World Bank in the initial phase. This is for strengthening labs, library, internet facility, development of Computer Center, and other infrastructural facilities, training of staff etc. The hostels are to be renovated and internet facility is to be provided to the students in the hostels, too.Efforts are being made to upgrade this College as the National Institute of Technology (NIT) of Uttarakhand State.

UTU_Uttarakhand1The Uttarakhand Technical University, Dehradun was established on 27th January 2005 by Govt. of Uttarakhand through the Uttarakhand Technical University Act 2005. The Uttarakhand Technical University campus is situated at NH-72 Suddhowala, Dehradun. Dehradun is the State capital of Uttarakhand well connected through Rail, Road and Air transport.

The University has been established in an area of 8.372 hectare and it is the only affiliating University of the state for technical institutions. There are 8 Constituent and 132 affiliated colleges with 33,000 students in various courses .The University imparts education in Graduate, Post Graduate and Doctorate programmes in various disciplines like Management, Engineering, Hotel Management, Computer Application, Pharmacy etc.
The University is serving the technical education through its progress monitored each semester, part time Ph.D programme especially designed for the teachers and scientists by giving them opportunity to explore the untouched area of the research. The University in its own campus running M.Tech and M.Pharma Programme in various disciplines. Apart from this University is having 8 Constituent Colleges. Spreading Technical Education in the remote underprivileged area of Uttarakhand hills.


A quality universal primary education will remain a distant dream for millions of students living in countries without enough trained teachers in classrooms. Teachers are the core of any education system. Hiring and training new and already established teachers is fundamental to protecting student’s ability to learn in college.


A classroom is a learning space, a room in which classes are held. The key element in classroom management, whether using technology or not, is to ensure that students are actively participating in the learning process, not simply receiving it. There are many new technological advances that can be found in today’s classrooms, and the integration of technology into classrooms has brought learning to an entirely new level.


KEC  offers higher education in Engineering, Technology and allied Sciences relevant to the current and projected needs of the society. Besides promoting research and disseminating knowledge gained therefrom, it fosters cooperation between the academic and industrial communities.


To import excellent technical education and conduct state of the art research and innovations in emerging technologies benefitting the people of the hilly region.


To be leader in technology dissemination producing world class technocrats and entrepreneurs with a zeal to be lifelong learners meeting the challenge of 21st Century.

Students growth

The way students think about learning has major implications on how and what they actually learn. We’ve all met students we knew were promising, only to have their performance not match up with what we know they are capable.

Best learning practice

Educational research has concluded that the learning styles of many engineering students don’t match with the teaching styles of most engineering professors.It is our belief that the solution to this problem is to improve education by making it more appealing, motivating and rewarding for students.

Focus on targets

ITG will graduate academically superior students prepared for professional success.” These ongoing efforts to document and improve student achievement are linked to the academic programs.ITG Students have the option to target their studies toward a specific field of interest.



Biochemical Engineering

KEC holds the unique distinction of being the only college in the state to be running Bio-Chemical Engineering department. The department’s fame has spread far and wide and aims at tapping the enormous potential that the next generation of engineering holds in itself.Read More



Chemical Engineering

KEC holds the unique distinction of being the only Institute in the state to be running Chemical Engineering department. The department’s fame has spread far and wide and aims at tapping the enormous potential that the next generation of engineering holds in itself.Read More



Civil Engineering

The department offers a four-year course leading to the Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering The department has justifiably prided itself on the quality of its academic programmes and is keeping pace with the latest developments in engineering education.Read More



Computers Science & Engineering

The Computer Science & Engineering department offers courses leading to a Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech), Master of Technology (M. Tech) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Computer Science and Engineering.Read More


Departments of Applied Sciences

Applied Science Department runs courses in Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Applied Mathematics, Professional Communication, Economics and Humanities. It helps young minds to understand the fundamental concepts Read More



Electrical Engineering

The courses of Electrical Engineering provide to illustrate practical and theoretical aspects of basic electrical devices, circuits, networks, electrical machines, power electronics, control system, industrial drives and control transducers and high voltage engineering etc. Read More



Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering Department has excellent laboratory facilities in the field of Electronics & Communication Engineering. This department is accredited in 2006 by NBA AICTE for next 3 years Read More


Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the core branches of the Engineering curriculum. There are state-of-the-art equipment and test rigs in the Air conditioning and Refrigeration materials science testing lab, measurement and meteorology Lab Read More

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