Chemical Engineering

BTKIT holds the unique distinction of being the only Institute in the state to be running Chemical Engineering department. The department’s fame has spread far and wide and aims at tapping the enormous potential that the next generation of engineering holds in itself.

The Institute took an early note of the significant role that was to be played by biochemical engineers and biotechnologists in future industrial development of biotechnology related processes and products by initiating this activity. The department also plans to tap the enormous resources that the biologically diverse habitat of Himalayas provide.


To be indentified globally for producing world class chemical engineer to cater the needs of society and industries.


  • To impart quality education and training in chemical engineering and in allied fields to enable the students to imbibe technical and analytical skills through the culture of logical and critical thinking.
  • To inculcate sense of social and environmental responsibility among students which inspires them to apply chemical engineering principles in solving industrial problems through sustainable and eco-friendly technologies for the betterment of industry and nation. 
  • To establish modern infrastructure and conducive research environment for carrying out academic and sponsored research.
  • To foster spirit of excellence and professional leadership in students and faculty members through exposure to leading academic institutions, research organizations and external experts.
  •  To generate suitable opportunities for sustained interaction and collaboration with academia and industry.


Head of the Department

Name : Mr. Anshuman Mishra

Phone (Head’s office) : +91-5966-244333, 244812 EXT-2252

Mobile No. : 8954039941

Email id. :