CENTRAL LIBRARY The central library operates on an open access basis. Students and staff members have an access to large number of books and journals, besides large number of competitive and technical magazines. Presently the library is procuring about 14 international journals & 50 national journals. Library has the latest Library Management Software i.e. LIBSYS for library automation purpose. The catalogue data entry work has been completed and the computerized service i.e. OPAC circulation implemented. Library is also institutional member of DELNET (Development Library Network). The library users are licensed to use the DELNET database for their study / project work / research purpose. Digital library is indeed in the process of installation. The library is being further strengthened with large number of books and journals. "Online IEEE journals are available through INDEST in the Library." The other availability of online facilities like INDEST-Consortium for journal and books are under process.


E Journals

E Books

Delnet Database


Electronics & Comm Engg . 914 5757
Computer Sc. & Engg. 1852 9857
Biochemical Engg. 252 2086
Civil Engg. 282 3251
Electrical Engg. 175 1652
Mechanical Engg. 1238 8547
Chemical Engg. 45 245
Applied Sc. & Humanities 586 7700
Others 240 7700
TOTAL 5584 39489



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Your achievement speaks itself about your capabilities.Just wanted to felicitate for a job well done! I was always confident of your abilities to shoulder your responsibilities.Good luck for your future.

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